What Is Living In Phuket

Living in Bangkok is an annual event that has been bringing expats in the City of Angels together for

decadesAimed at helping newcomers settle into their new life in Bangkok, this fun and informative social

event combines entertainment with useful advice on a wide variety of services of interest to expats.



Today Trocadelyo Group and Bangkok Hospital organize the first Living In Phuket event




Trocadelyo                                        BDMS



Creating an integrated community and forum for expats is at the heart of the Living In Phuket philosophy.

Newly-arrived expats are welcomed into a vibrant environment where they can immediately feel at home

in Phuket and make friends from all over the worldThe event focuses on introducing newcomers, social

and volunteer opportunities, lifestyle, travel and hospitality services, educational establishments, 

specialized retailers, and more ...


Living In Phuket is an invaluable resource of informations for new expats !


We are waiting for you !